Mobile ordering application and onsite kiosk for bubble tea vending machine.
Javis is a tech-startup that is looking to disrupt the F&B industry through the use of robotics and data, starting with bubble tea.
When designing this application, I started to understand what the business needs were, what the main aim of the application was and who they were targeting.
By drawing on my past experience while working on the Café project, I started to draw out the initial planned flow charts as we did not have any existing user base to build off and conduct research with yet. 
Aside from flow charts, I started to do competitive analysis from other similar applications like, Milksha, GongCha and HeyTea. This is to understand what features and users flows they had.
Upon completing the initial research and planning phase, I went ahead to craft the initial design assets for the initial MVP. The reason why it was done in High-fidelity was because the business side wished to show share holders something tangible. 
Aside from working on the mobile application, I was working on the features, user flow and design of the ordering kiosk. It was very interesting as the design considerations were different from designing for mobile devices. I had to take into account different aspects such as user's height, reach and how the transparent screen would affect what the users would see as well. 

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